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Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)
Class A back skin (MEDIUM)

Class A back skin (MEDIUM)

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Skived leather of the highest quality. If you want to buy skived leather, Curtisur offers vegetable-tanned leathers in different sizes, colors, and thicknesses. If you are looking for skived leather, Curtisur provides a wide range of skived leathers.

Dimensions (Approx.): 2.40 x 0.75 meters.

Size (Approx.): 20 square feet.

Minimum unit of sale: 1 piece.

Thickness: 3mm and 4/4.5mm.

Highly recommended leather for all types of harness work.

Color Piel
  • Cereza
  • Marrón
  • Miel
  • Natural
  • Negro
  • Tostado
Grosor Pieles
  • 3,0 mm.
  • 4,5 mm.


Skived Leather

100% vegetable leather tanned artisanally, guaranteeing quality as the entire tanning process is natural.

We offer our skived leather with a minimum thickness of 3mm and a maximum of 4/4.5mm, designed for making items for harness work, where high resistance is required. The leather must not fail due to elasticity issues, as it needs to withstand unexpected pulls from animals, which often occur, and we remedy this as much as possible by compacting the leather to the utmost extent.

We produce Skived Leather in colors such as hazelnut, toasted, honey, brown, cherry, black. All colors are fully transparent with a vibrant background, greatly appreciated for the beauty it adds to the final finish.

In short, it is a great product at a very competitive price, suitable for any application in a harness workshop, ensuring we are offering quality to our customers.

Advantages of Skived Leather

Skived leather is a resistant and durable material that offers a wide variety of advantages.

It is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for clothing and especially harness accessories.

Additionally, its aged and worn appearance makes it very versatile and a popular material in current fashion.

Skived leather is also easy to maintain and retains its beauty over time.

In conclusion, skived leather is an excellent choice for those seeking a durable, comfortable material with a unique style.

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